Succulent Irish lamb from free roaming farms

Our distinct taste

The land and mountains our sheep graze, is the land we have walked for generations. It’s where we come from. It’s who we are. And our farmers take great pride in that.

Our lamb is born and raised with care and respect, on a diet of fresh sea sprayed meadow grass, upland herbs and flowering heather, with vast open space to roam freely; an environment that gives our lamb that special delicate taste.

A flavour so distinct to Ólas Hill Farms, you can almost smell the Atlantic Ocean. It’s truly a taste of the West.


Lean by nature

Rich in vitamins and minerals, high in protein, and even higher in the ‘good’ kind of animal fats (CLA), lamb can form a great part of a healthy diet. Ólas Hill Farm lambs are reared on fresh air and the freedom to graze and roam across green fields and grassy mountain tops, so they’re always extra lean, providing an excellent source of protein and all nine essential amino acids. 

As equally nourishing as it is nutritious, our lamb strikes just the right balance, naturally.

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