Raising nature’s protector


Our Ólas Hill Farmers share an ancient knowledge that has been passed down through generations, helping families to survive and thrive sustainably within our unique landscape. It’s an inherent instinct; like a second nature to our shepherds. Their farming practices are designed to work at one with nature when clean rivers, healthy soil and thriving flora and fauna are paramount to producing sheep and lamb that our farmers can be proud of.

Much of our farmlands are part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas, so sustainable grazing practices are essential in protecting the hills and ensuring the survival of these habitats and species.

Carbon footprint

The Ólas Hill Farmers treat their diverse range of land types with abiding respect. From gravel grasslands to blanket peats, each one is farmed with a common commitment: to farm hand in hand with nature. Many of the peatlands farmed by our shepherds form important parts of the Natura 2000 network of the most ecologically important sites in Europe. These peatlands form a vital carbon sink, storing over half of Ireland’s soil carbon. Our farmers have a duty to preserve and protect, ensuring their practices are ever evolving to become more carbon efficient, and their sheep only thrive when in perfect tune with their surroundings. Enhancing this ancient practice means great progress to our farmers.


From Machair sand dunes and high nature grasslands, to the wet heaths and fens of the blanket bogs, the land on which Ólas Hill Farms stretch contains unique and vulnerable habitats and ecosystems that our sheep play an important role in maintaining. Low stock levels and sustainable grazing levels allow birds and animals within these habitats to thrive, like the Red Grouse who nests, shelters and feeds on the heather slopes of our hills. Our farmers adhere to The EU post 2020 global biodiversity framework that has set out ambitious and realistic targets for the safeguarding and restoration of the biodiversity of our lands.
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