Meet the Farmers

Paddy Joe Gaughan

Meet Paddy Joe Gaughan

What type of farm do you have?

We breed Mayo Blackface, mostly on the hill. We’ve been breeding the sheep all our lives and we have never changed from the Mayo Blackface. We think they are the best breed going; they are easily managed, they have a good lamb and you can rear them on the hill. They also have no trouble with bad feet.

How is your work important to the local area?

It’s very important, it’s us farmers that keep the landscape. Sure, the place would go wild. Farmers look after the hills and these places otherwise the place would grow out of control. There would be no value.

Is there is a good market for your lambs?

We have a great market. We put every ram lamb to Kildare chilling and we come to Ballinrobe; there is a great sale in Ballinrobe for the ewe lamb.

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